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Backyard Bites


We're so excited to bring you Balboa's Backyard Bites, where we'll be featuring your favorite restaurants from around Southeast Texas.

The Toasted Yolk

Featured Product

Using high tech manufacturing from the aircraft industry, our product is the top of range in outdoor cooking equipment. The whole product is made solely from stainless steel 304 and has a lifetime warranty ensuring many convivial cooking experiences year after year. Le Griddle is approved by French chefs while being optimized for the ultimate American outdoor cooking area.

Featured Restaurant

Looking for a Griddle?

Perfect your outdoor kitchen with the world’s most versatile griddle & share fun new cooking experiences with your friends and family. Le Griddle products are perfect for any meal, any time of the day. Foods are seared & cooked in their own juices, providing tastier and juicier meals for years to come.

Getting inspiration for your own backyard? We can get anything you need from our manufacturing partners! Feel free to contact us about a specific product.


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